Entry #1

Slowly but surely...

2010-11-08 16:33:11 by ShadowBeatzInc

I've uploaded 5 of my songs so far, and since you can only upload two a day, I'll have all 12 of my tracks uploaded by Friday. WOOT!

But yeah, I'm still a relatively new artist, and still learning, so if ANYBODY here can give me constructive criticism, that would SO helpful. Alright, peace


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2011-01-22 07:32:40

i need my mind orgasm upload more dude


2011-06-01 20:51:09

WOOT Aren't I RANDOM keep up the tunes!


2013-01-11 08:35:52

Shadow WUB WUB Beatz good job dude. keep it up.


2013-01-23 00:26:10

It's amazing how much one can improve in 2 years. Great music bro keep it up.


2013-02-28 18:37:02

We can only upload 2 tracks a day? I did not even know ahah but yeah your style is awesome I really like it man keep up the good work !


2013-02-28 19:56:25



2013-10-16 14:48:08

You may be a new artist, but in street terms, this is the shit. Still got some work to do though, are you using just a school synthesizer or is this a specialty one?